Aerial Mapping and Topographical Survey

Orthomosaic crop small

Aerial Mapping and Topographical Survey


We are experienced at carrying out highly accurate and high resolution aerial mapping including in conservation areas and areas of SSI (Special Scientific Interest).  Acquisition of both RGB (visible) and multi spectral for example for NDVI (for vegetation health analysis) is also possible. Using specialised photogrammetry software processing and our expertise we can produce outputs with a very high level of detail which isn’t possible via traditional satellite or aerial imagery and up to date, for cm level pixel resolution, generate detailed orthomosaics, 3D models, Digital Surface and Terrain Models (DSM/DTM) which can be used by various GIS systems (such as ArcGIS, AutoCAD) and to create topographical datasets.

Example uses for agricultural, habitat, flood and land management, conservation, planning, construction, estate agent, land and property auctions and marketing.

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Example Project

This particular large 200 acre mapping survey was carried out for a client who required a very detailed and accurate snapshot of a large area of farmland which was simply not feasible to perform on the ground or from existing available imagery.

Drone and ground based data acquisition took place taking aerial photos and measuring multiple ground control points, and we also processed and provided the resultant accurately georeferenced and calibrated data outputs. We achieved an average GSD (Ground Sampling Distance) of less than 2cm per pixel (a detailed dataset) and of high spatial accuracy.  Outputs were provided in 2 and 3 dimentional datasets and uploaded to the client’s GIS system as well as provided online for further analysis and reference purposes.

Sample crops from orthomosaic (not full resolution):

Aerial Mapping and Topographical Survey 1

Aerial Mapping and Topographical Survey 2

Some friendly local residents – we are experienced at working in rural areas and around livestock and other animals:Aerial Mapping and Topographical Survey 3

Data processing

Blaize Castle 3D model printedBlaise Castle Capture, 3D Modelling and Printing


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