Blaise Castle Capture, 3D Modelling and Printing

Blaize Castle 3D model printed

Blaise Castle Capture, 3D Modelling and Printing

We can capture and process extremely detailed and accurate 3D models of structures as well as ground features.  These can be viewed online, offline or even 3D printed.

Blaise Castle:

We set ourselves a bit of a challenge, to capture, process and have 3D Printed a fascinating building, a 18th Century folly called Blaise Castle, in Bristol, UK.  We captured a large number of photos with one of our drones of the structure from a variety of different angles, and after with processing and editing using PIX4D, created a 3D computer model which we sent to a specialist printing bureau to get 3D powder printed to bring it to life!

We had a 3D printed model produced by Hobbs Reprographics in Bristol and gave to the Friends of Blaise Castle as a gift, which was greatfully received and is on display when they are open or in the museum – see website above for details of opening times and of the estate itself.

This model was noticed by PIX4D and featured on their website, Facebook and Twitter feeds for their #3DMondays feature, which we were very pleased to have been chosen for! https://bit.ly/2ICboOE

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blaise_Castle_Estate Blaise Castle is a folly built in 1766 near Henbury in Bristol, England. The castle sits within the Blaise Castle Estate, which also includes Blaise Castle House, a Grade II listed 18th-century mansion house.

There is a volunteer community group http://www.friendsofblaise.co.uk/ who work with Bristol City Council to conserve, improve and promote the Estate and also open the castle up to visitors. Please check the above website for further details and open days – it is well worth a visit.

Other information:

For some other examples of our 3D modelling see Saltford Brass Mill including a demonstration of an annotated 3D model and images on our inspection web portal – also see  roof and building inspections, Aerial Mapping and Topographical Survey services and our main portfolio page for other examples of our work.

Do use our contact form at the bottom of this page if you are looking for us to capture and generate 3D models with our drones, or have a different requirement you would like to speak to us about which we can offer.

Blaize Castle 3D Model

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