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Construction Sites


We can carry out a range of services for construction sites and projects which can be useful for planning and reference purposes as well as for marketing including:

  • High quality stills and video – we can capture wide as well as close up stills and video from the ground as well as in the air.  Hyperlapse videos can also be captured and created as well as photographs from identical viewpoints and exact flight paths repeated for video.
  • Timelapse – we have experience of setup of long and short term timelapse solutions, a great tool for monitoring progress over time, for safety or audit purposes, or simply for marketing purposes. Works well on websites, social media feeds.
  • Mapping services – highly detailed and accurate surveys can include vegetation health, volumetric analysis (such as stock pile and land works estimations and measurements), surface modelling including generation of accurate countours for import into various GIS platforms.  See Aerial Mapping and Topographical Survey  for an example project.
  • Structural Inspection – we can upload stills and video to our online portal for review, annotation and reporting purposes, or for offline use.  See Saltford Brass Mill.
  • Creation of 3D models –  of sites, structures. We can get these 3D printed, uploaded online or offline, visualised with Virtual Reality goggles.  See Blaize Castle Capture, 3D Modelling and Printing , Saltford Brass Mill and Aerial Inspection and 3D Modelling of a Grade I listed building for some examples of our 3D capture and modelling.
  • Aerial and Ground 360 Panoramas and Virtual Tours – providing a unique viewpoint of the areas of interest, which can also be linked to create interactive tours or for marketing purposes. See below and Panoramas for some examples of our 360 panoramas from the ground as well as in the air.
  • Editing and production of video – with drone and ground footage, stills, suitable for marketing purposes such as corporate websites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms or blogs. For example for regular project progress updates with a timelapse or even a fly through of the site can work well on social media blogs as well as corporate websites and for presentations.


  • Capture of video and photos both day and night both in the air by drone, or on the ground.
  • Flying indoors as well as outdoors – we have propeller guards and aircraft have special features to assist with this.
  • Experience of flying over water as well as land, and in areas of SSI, near to airports, near congested and in restricted areas.
  • We have a drone safety parachute system which can be used, if required.
  • CSCS card holders.
  • £5 million public liability insurance (can be extended upon request) for aerial work.

We are familiar in working with the construction industry, are CSCS Green card holders and associated PPE equipment.  We would individually risk assess each job before hand and when on site before any aerial work commenced as well as working with any on site contractors/3rd parties as well as the client as per our CAA approved operating procedures as detailed in our Operations Manual and with our PfCO permissions granted by the CAA.

Example Projects:

Project A:

We took a number of still photographs and video on a large construction site, 360 Panoramas and mapped an area.  We captured high quality stills using a variety of prime lenses to get wider as well as closer up shots of the site at the best possible quality, and also mapped a section which which was not possible to photograph from above from a single photo due to the size of the area, and which also allowed a 3D computer model to be created.  A 360 panorama was also captured, processed and published online.

The below photos were shared on the client’s social media feed shortly after receiving, which was an effective way to reach an audience for marketing and publicity, other data was also provided including video and mapping data.

Construction Sites 1

360 Panorama below (please move around):

Construction Sites 2

A computer generated 3D model animation:

3D model video

Project B:

We were commissioned to capture aerial and ground footage a new showhome being constructed, which included a long term time-lapse camera setup.  The site had been featured on Grand Designs The Street not that long before, with the houses behind the show home being featured on the TV programme and on an ex MOD site, so required unlocking of the drone. We also took 360 photos of the structure during assembly and fit out to create a number of interactive virtual tours.


Construction Site Crane and Concrete BuildingAssemblyTimelapse viewportSee a Time Lapse video below of the structure being assembled captured by one of our HD timelapse cameras and below that a Virtual Tour taken during the assembly and fit out phase. See further virtual tours here.

Project C:

We  captured video and photos from the ground as well as the air for a large scale project to repurpose and extend an existing office building complex to affordable housing for marketing and reference purposes.Ground based photography building site


Construction Site water pipes

Panoramas and Virtual ToursA dollshouse view of a Matterport virtual tourTower Bridge Drone PhotoFlying a drone in congested and restricted areas


Drone Below Page 3
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